Hibiscus Infused Cream Ale

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    American 6 row

    Maris Otter

    American Carapils


Hype Biscus is something I wanted to make to be a very pleasing and refreshing beer for those long hot summertime days. The Hype starts out as a cream ale of sorts and is infused with hibiscus flowers during the fermentation process. Hype Biscus is the beer you chill while you are getting the housework done on the weekend and when it's time to relax you run to the patio kick up your feet and enjoy the pleasant aromas and sweetly rustic flavors this beer provides. You may also find a very interesting twist to this beer as you sip and experience this flavor profile. I am excited to see what everyone thinks of Hype Biscus.

Hype Biscus MMXVII
Hype Biscus MMXVII
Hype Biscus MMXVIII
Hype Biscus MMXVIII