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gen pop bottle

"In prison organization, the general population refers to the group of inmates who are not given any specific treatment. In epidemiology, the general population refers to all individuals without reference to any specific characteristic." - Wikipedia

"Persons within the student body who are not classified as honors or gifted and who do not possess the capabilities or drive to excel in honors courses, AP courses or even in the higher echelon with the IB program." - Urban Dictionary

I would like to thank my very good friends Shane and Jessica for the name for this one. As always a good name starts with a great night enjoying a good beer with good friends. In the early beginnings of MoonDown Brewing Co., I reached out to my friends for some ideas of what would be good names for my beers. Long story short Shane and Jessica tossed out Gen Pop., meaning general population. I think it is brilliant. I also think that it needed to be the right beer to truly give this one meaning.

Gen Pop is a deliberate mish mash of the hops and grain left over from previous brews. This is the general population of my home brewery being put to good use. All the hops and grains that weren't lucky enough to have been chosen for a previous project. "Waste not, want not," I think is what they say. The only promise I will make about this beer is that IT WILL BE DIFFERENT EVERY TIME.

Here's to you, Shane & Jessica!

gen pop