Experimental Pale Ale

  • the hops

    Hop Profile

    Exp. Stone Fruit


  • the grain

    Grain Profile

    American 2 row

    American Vienna 

    American Aromatic

    Flaked Wheat

    Flaked Oats

dem stones bottle

How about Dem Stones? This is my first venture into brewing with experimental hops that are essentially unproven and unpredictable by nature. Part of the adventure in brewing is taking chances and trying things that others have not perfected for you. For me this is exciting and invigorating. It is up to me to figure these hops out and use them in the best way possible. I found a hops over at Yakima Valley Hops, known as Hopsteiner Experimental #06297, A.K.A "Stone Fruit". I partnered this experimental hops with another hops that I felt would be a good complimentary addition to the beer, Simcoe. This essentially white IPA, will have very similar characteristics to Blueprint. A very similar bitterness and comparable fruitiness. This will be another dry hopped beer that will take on that dank pungent aroma that embodies that of a modern day IPA style.

dem stones