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    American Pale Ale

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    American Munich 10L

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blueprint bottle

The Blueprint, an American IPA...

“A first generation American IPA created with Australian Galaxy hops and American Citra hops creating the first step in a new generation of small batch craft beers to invigorate the soul.”

Blueprint is the first beer that will be brewed by MoonDown Brew Co. Hence the name “Blue Print”. A blueprint is generally the base of all things constructed from the ground up. You have to start somewhere right? For this brew, I have selected AU Galaxy and Citra hops from Yakima Valley Hops. The Steeping grains consist of Pale, Munich 10L, Aromatic, and flaked oats. This is what adds to the complexity of the bill. Each type has been carefully selected for their particular features and what they bring to the grain bill.

Yes, this brew will also be dry hopped as well in order to ensure that every sip carries the flavor and aroma that this beer has to offer.

This first beer is the platform for all future recipes. We hope to produce award winning quality brews one day in the future. We hope to be able to expand into something great for the people. We hope that the Blueprint will jump off into history as one of the great beginnings. This is the base for our lyric in time. We call it…

“Zymotic jazz for the digital age”.