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new alyxion bottle

This brew came into creation through my want to express my complete and utmost admiration for my beautiful wife...

She is a fighter on so many levels beyond my comprehension and the only thing I can do is share her strength in one of the few ways I know how. I created something in her image. Alyxion is an American red ale mainly because that is what my wife likes to drink the most. Secondly though my wife is a redhead, so it is only natural that she gets portrayed by red beer. The name of this beer however goes quite a bit deeper than that. Sasha, which is my wife's name means "defender of life" in most every language of the ancient world. It is also said that Sasha and Alex are the same name almost interchangeably depending on the dialect. The best verb form or action for of defending life I could find was Alyx. This lead me to the name Alyxion. To defend life. This one has a very close place to my heart and will surely become a staple on my list.

alyxion MMXVII
alyxion MMXVII
alyxion MMXVIII
alyxion MMXVIII