They call me MoonDown... And I've got a story to tell.

"I've got a really good feeling about this beer"...

Yes they do actually call me MoonDown but I digress. That my friends is a story for another time. What you have here is the digital catalogue of my journey towards building my brewing company. This is one of those stories where I start from nothing learn the trade, learn to master my craft and grow this idea from a dream to reality.  I am learning everything from the very beginning. I started like a lot of other people do with making that first switch from "the silver bullet" to a one step up from there "craft" beer. That was the point in time when the apple fell from the tree and hit me in the head.  Fast forwarding from there I am now consistently  studying that methods and mayhem of those before me and using that to build the MoonDown methodology of brewing beer.

My Story

Before I realized my passion and desire to create great beer to share with my friends and my community I was stuck in the proverbial rut of working retail and the paycheck to paycheck life style. Life was dwindling down hill fast and it was time to make a big change. In the spring of 2016 I went to work for my now good friend Larry Demik. At this time, He would have no idea how profoundly he would be impacting my life. He is the catalyst that started this all. Larry is a very hard man to work for, only because he does not split hairs and he does not let you give any less than the most you can possibly muster at all times. I got to experience his innovativeness, his work ethic, and sheer determination which undenounced to me I was soaking up like a sponge. As the time passed, I began a subtle exploration into my local craft beer scene here in Arizona frequently finding myself enthralled in the process; curiouser and curiouser I became with each visit until I finally I said to myself “I can do this”. “I can make great beer”.  I then began to spend every waking moment studying every book and article I could get my hands on. By the winter of 2016 I was beginning to shop equipment with a standard plan of the humblest of beginnings. I did also have delusions of grandeur along the way and was looking at those fancy all-inclusive stainless-steel systems. From here the story goes a little something like this…

Larry had seen on the social networks that I was looking at the really nice systems and was well aware of my desire to start this journey towards brewing. Upon finishing his dive through social media Larry forgot to look his phone and when he put it away into his pocket, Larry “butt ordered” my first brewing system. As you can probably tell there is no turning back now. I had everything I could possibly want to start this adventure. Larry had sent me on my way never to look back at a life that does not include brewing great beer. That is how Moon Down Brewing Co was born.

Photo by: Brandi Hansen | IG @bhansenstudios
Photo by: Brandi Hansen | IG @bhansenstudios
Photo by: Brandi Hansen | IG @bhansenstudios
Photo by: Brandi Hansen | IG @bhansenstudios

The Brewery

I am driven by my desire to bring my friends and community together over very drinkable desirable beer that is original and relevant to those drinking it. A large part of my drive comes from my good friend Joe V. who has yet to let anything stand in the way of growing the brewery. Every time when I am at an impasse Joe always seems to be there to remove the road block and challenge me to continue along my path. My inspiration is driven by the happenings that go on when I am surrounded by my friends and my community. Every beer I create is a representation of someone or something that has impacted my life. I believe every beer should tell a story and everyone that is drinking my beer should be enjoying this beer so much that they are merry and creating new stories while drinking it.

Now I am classified as a home brewer. The time has come to grow beyond this to the next level. I have three core beers that define Moon Down Brewing Co, L.A.P.A (Larry’s American Pale Ale), Waimea (IPA), and The Hype (Hibiscus infused Cream Ale). I am currently working on expanding this core one or two more beers in the next few months.