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A Single Malt & Single Hop (SMaSH) Series


The first in our line of SMaSH brews, Waimea was released in 2012 by The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited. Waimea traces its Lineage all the way back to ‘Californian Late Cluster’, ‘Saazer’ and ‘Fuggle’.


Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee! Need I say more? This brew is a dark and roasty reflection of that perfectly strong cup of coffee that jump starts your engine in the morning. To be completely honest you might even mistake this for a cold brew cup of coffee. 

A complete collection of the full inventory of my brewing arsenal. Gen Pop. is exactly that. The general population of my inventory. This idea spurred by the imagination of my good friends had to come full circle. Twelve different grains and eight different hops are included in this overcrowded population of ingredients. 

It is said that rebellions are built on hope. I brew beer with hope. Hope that I can produce a quality beer that leaves people captivated. Rebellion is the culmination of several experiments that have all lead to this one beer. 

I am excited to produce hand crafted home brewed beer that shapes and molds the confines of the craft beer world. I hope to expand upon the idea that there are no boundaries to what can be created. There is always going to be another approach and different direction to take. I want to cover the steps laid before me and pave the way to the next steps after me in modern craft beer brewing. I am creating Zymotic Jazz for the ages.